Canvas Course User Enrollment Request

What is it?

If you require a user to be enrolled into a Canvas Course who was not automatically enrolled.

Who can use it?

Faculty and Staff 

Shenandoah University is committed to protecting the privacy of student education records as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). To support FERPA compliance and the protection of student information privacy, enrollment in Canvas course sites is strictly regulated and any individual enrolled in your course must have completed FERPA training in the current academic school year. All SU faculty and staff have completed FERPA training as a condition of their employment, but student graders likely have not completed FERPA training and will need to complete FERPA training before they can be enrolled into your course.

Where can I access this service?

Please select the Request Enrollment button on the right. 

Request Enrollment


Service ID: 51001
Mon 9/13/21 11:28 AM
Fri 12/8/23 10:13 AM