Reregistering Microsoft Office 365

Due to a product sku change, existing SU Microsoft Office 365 users may need to reactivate their Microsoft Office 365 license on or just after October 29, 2022. If you find that you have limited, view-only access in any of the Microsoft Office apps, please follow these directions to re-register your license:


On Mac:


1. Open any Microsoft Office application (i.e. Word)

2. At the top of the screen click Word > Sign Out…








3. Close Word by going to Word > Quit Word


4. Once closed, reopen Word and select Sign in. Use your full SU email address and SUNet password to sign-in.



5. Once signed-in, click the Activate button in the lower left corner of the window.



You’re all set! Now you’re on the most current Office 365 license available to eligible SU employees.


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Tue 10/25/22 8:31 AM
Tue 10/25/22 9:09 AM