Printing for Students

SU uses the WEPA printing system for student printing

WEPA provides all students with the ability to upload/send their documents from any location (i.e. personal computers, dorm rooms, labs, libraries) and conveniently print those documents at any WEPA Printing Kiosk on campus. Users can print documents directly from a USB drive or Google Drive, at any WEPA kiosk as well. You release your sent documents by logging in using a WEPA username and password or release code provided by WEPA. You can even swipe your SU ID card to login to your account.

The WEPA kiosks can be found at these locations on campus:

Winchester Main Campus

Alson H. Smith, Jr. Library
First Floor

Brandt Student Center
Central hallway/main Level

Ruebush Hall Conservatory
Second Floor Student Lounge


Health Professions Building

Health Professions Building
Lower Level Near Cafeteria


Inova Center for Personalized Health - Fairfax

Third Floor – Work Room D-3374


Loudoun Location

Second Floor Lounge area


Accounts and fees

WEPA creates accounts for all Shenandoah University students with SU network credentials (network username and password). Your WEPA username is your SU email address and your password is the same as what you use to access the campus network.

WEPA printing is $0.10 per page for B/W and $0.50 per page for color. Printing on two sides will save you one cent per page.

Funds can be added to your WEPA account using a credit or debit card. This can be done directly at a kiosk, or at the WEPA Website. Also, you may use your Hornet Dollars that are loaded on your ID card. To Load more Hornet Dollars, visit Here.

WEPA will add a $0.20 (20¢) surcharge if people use a credit or debit card to pay directly for printing a single page. However, using a credit or debit card to add at least $5.00 to your account incurs no surcharge.


Installing WEPA Printers:

To add printer drivers for WEPA:

  • Go to the Self Service app on your MacBook

  • Login with your SU network credentials

  • Choose Printers and then the WEPA Printers for Students

  • Click on Install to install drivers to your laptop

To print documents directly from your PC or Mac:

  • If you have installed the printer drivers, then click “File” and “Print” from any application (i.e.: Word, Excel, pdf, etc.)

  • Select either the WEPA-BW Printer (for black and white pages) or the WEPA Color Printer (for color pages) from the print properties drop down menu.

  • Select any print options (multiple handouts, duplex, multiple copies, etc.), then Print.

  • You will be prompted by WEPA to login using your WEPA credentials.

  • You will receive a six character WEPA Code.

  • Go to any WEPA kiosk on campus to release and print off your documents. You may use your SU ID card to swipe and log in at a kiosk.

To print without adding printer drivers to your computer:

  • Go to

  • Select your school and log-in with your SUNet Credentials

  • Click on the “Web Upload” link and browse the documents you wish to print

  • Select either the WEPA-BW Printer (for black and white pages) or the WEPA-Color

  • Select any print options (page orientation, duplex, multiple copies, etc.).

  • Make note of the WEPA code for the print job

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