Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) & Single Sign-On (SSO)

What is MFA and SSO?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers an added level of security by granting access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors).

How do I enroll?

Upon your first login using your SUnet credentials after the MFA service is activated, you will receive a call or text to the phone number you have associated with your account. 

After following the prompt given in the call or text, navigate to your My Sign-Ins Security Info page by going to



On the My Sign-Ins Security Info page, you can change the default sign-in method from call to text (if preferred) as well as adding additional sign-in methods (secondary email, authenticator app, alternate phone number).

This video will provide you with a walkthrough of this process.

If interested in using an authenticator app, please see this guide for setting-up the Microsoft Authenticator app.


When will I be prompted with my second factor?

You will be prompted for your second factor when you login from a new device, new browser, or after 30 days has passed since your last MFA prompt. 

If using VPN, you will be prompted for your second factor daily.

Why is IC doing this?

To enhance SU user account security while also simplifying the login process. Extra security with fewer passphrases to remember. 

What if I don’t want to use my cell phone?

If you choose not to use your cell phone, you can elect to use an alternative phone number (office or home phone) to receive a call with authentication instructions.

You said I don’t have to reset my password anymore?

Correct! Once everyone is registered for MFA, you can use your SUNet passphrase for as long as you like.* No more mandatory passphrase changes every six months!
** You will be required to change your SUNet password to a 12 character passphrase one last time.

Where can I learn more about phishing scams?

Check out this video provided by SANS Security Awareness: Email and Phishing



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