Technology Jumpstart for New Employees



We’re so glad to have you join the SU Community! This guide is meant to provide IT specific information to help you get off to a great and productive start. If at any point you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at or 540-665-5555. We are also happy to meet with you one-on-one if you would like to learn more about any of the topics below!


Who We Are

Our Mission

The core mission of the Office of Information Technology (IT) is to integrate technology in support of the University’s Mission Statement and to promote academic excellence by providing industry standard, up-to-date technology and services to faculty, staff and students.

The Team

The IT department is made up of three divisions headed by the Associate VP and CIO of Information Technology, Devon Taylor. The three divisions of IT are Network, Administrative Systems, and Support.

Getting Started at SU

Technology at SU

Shenandoah University has a unique 2:1 program for its students called the iMLearning Program.  This initiative provides an Apple MacBook and iPad / Pencil for every incoming Freshman student.  Many of our staff also use the Apple MacBook as their daily computer.  If you are new to the Mac, someone from IT would be happy to sit down with you to give you some pointers to get started.  Email the IT HelpDesk at for more info and to set up an appointment.

Your Equipment

The standard equipment provided is a 13" MacBook.

If you’re accustomed to working on Windows and are new to Mac, check out Mac Tips for Windows Switchers.


IT Essentials

Below you will find some of the key systems that are used by the university. Take some time to review these items and get familiar with their functions.

Gmail (SU Email)

Gmail is used for email at Shenandoah University. Within Gmail you have access to all the Google Apps (Calendar, Drive, Sites, etc…). 

Check out the Gmail Training Center for more information. More training materials can be found at the G Suite Learning center.

Recommended learning:

Enroll in 2-Step Verification

Turn on Undo Send

Set-up your Signature

Archive Email

Create a Filter

Use Search Effectively

Google Drive

Google Drive is the main file storage system at Shenandoah University. This is where you should store your SU related files and this is where files will be shared with you.

Check out the Google Drive Training Center for more information

Recommended learning:

Install the Google Drive Application on your computer

Explore the Google Drive Web Interface


Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the main calendaring application here at the Shenandoah.

Check out the Google Calendar Training Center for more information

Recommended learning:

Create a Recurring Event

Use the “Find a Time” Feature

Add Video Conferencing to an Event

View a Coworker's Calendar

SU Website

The SU website is primarily used for attracting incoming students, but it is also a great spot to access online resources that you may use frequently.

Recommended learning:

Explore the “I Am A” Menu (It is a good One-Stop-Shop of links for you to use!)

Find the Departmental Forms Website

Navigate to the Directory

Check out the Maps section

Accounts and Passwords

You have several different accounts and passwords as an employee at the University.  Your SUNet is the primary username and password you will use. HR will send you your initial SUNet and Google passwords via email.


This is your main SU password. Your SUNet password is used for most logins including WiFi, Canvas, Datatel Colleague, etc… You are required to change it every 6 months.  Your username is the first part of your email before the @ symbol.

Google Apps

This username and password is used to login to all things Google at SU. This includes your Email, Calendar, Drive (files), etc… Anytime you are logging into a Google Service, you must use your full SU Email Address.

Apple ID

If you are already in the Apple Ecosystem, SU recommends you use your own Apple ID to login to iCloud on your SU MacBook or iPad.

MacBook Password

Your MacBook password is created by you when you first setup your computer. It is unique to just that device and does not change.

Recommended password actions:

Register for the Password Reset Tool

Set-up Two Step Verification for your Google Account


Canvas is the LMS (Learning Management System) used at the University. This is where students and faculty access their classes.

Canvas learning opportunities provided by SU's Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (TTL):

​​​​​​TTL's collection of Canvas resources.
TTL Workshops & Events Calendar.


Working From Home

If you plan on doing any work at home, you may need to have additional programs like a VPN on your machine. Applications like Colleague, Millenium, and OPReports require you to be on campus to access them. A VPN makes your computer look like you are on campus so that you can work in these programs while at home.

Recommended Actions

Install SU VPN

Install Google Drive Application on Your Laptop

Learning Resources

Google Help

Looking for more help getting started with Google? The GSuite learning center is a great place to start learning about Google Apps.!/

Canvas Help

General questions about Canvas functions:

Pharmacy faculty and staff should complete this form to request assistance.

Faculty and staff with login problems should contact the Help Desk.

Faculty not seeing their classes in Canvas should contact their school or departmental admin.

Faculty and staff who need help or training with Canvas functions should contact

New to Mac?

Many new employees feel intimidated by the MacBook when they first start, but this usually fades within a week or two. If you are new to the Mac, please check out some of the info below for helpful information

Glossary of terms

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used systems at SU. If you have any questions about these systems, please use the contact method found after each description.

Axiom Mentor

Axiom Mentor is a system used for submitting IRB proposals. Contact: Kim Pritchard at |  540-545-7376 or Beth Rodgers at | 540-665-4816


Canvas is the University's Learning Management System (LMS).  This is where students and faculty access their coursework. Contact:

Classroom Technologies

Contact the IT Help Desk at or 540-665-5555. Non-urgent requests can be submitted through this site in the Services section.


Collegiate is an SU system that is used for student groups. This is mainly used by the division of student life. Contact:

Colleague / Datatel / Ellucian

Ellucian Colleague is the Universities main ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  This is the system that houses all the information about faculty, students, employees, etc… Your supervisor will need to fill out the Colleague Account Request Form found on the IT Departmental Forms site in order for you to gain access. Contact:


Curriculog is the system that faculty use to submit new course requests and is managed by the SU Registrar. Contact:  

eTrieve eForms

eTrieve is the SU electronic forms system. Electronic versions of many forms can be found on the SU Departmental Forms website. These forms can also be accessed from the eForms system itself. eTrieve uses your full SU Email address and SUNet Password. Contact:


Exxat is a database system used by the health professions schools to track students in the clinical setting. Contact:

GSuite / Google Apps / Gmail

Google Apps is used extensively at Shenandoah University.  SU uses Google Apps for email, calendaring, file storage, and many other applications. Access to most Google services can be done through your SU Google Account. Contact IC Helpdesk:

Hornet Hub / Self Service

Hornet Hub is the frontend to Ellucian Colleague. This is where students go to register for classes, view class schedules, make payments etc… This is also where employees go to see their pay stubs, tax returns and perform other administrative functions. Student Contact:


The IMLearning program is the innovative 2:1 initiative here at SU. Every incoming freshman and students in participating graduate programs get a MacBook Air, iPad, and an Apple Pencil.

Instructional Technologies

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning provides training and support for a variety of instructional technologies. Please visit: or email


LiveSafe is an app that is provided by our Public Safety Department that is used to report suspicious persons, request safe walks and much more.


Millennium is a database used by the Advancement team for fundraising and alumni relations. Contact: Mark Turner -

Office 365

Office 365 is used solely for access to install Microsoft Office on non-SU owned devices. Contact:

OP Reports

Short for Operational Reports, this service provides SU employees with raw institutional data. Depending on your role at the University you will have various levels of access to these reports. You must be on campus or connected via VPN to access.  Contact:


Panopto is used by various schools to record lectures for students to view at a later time. Contact: for training and support. Pharmacy faculty can contact Cheri Lambert.


Radius is the system used by Admissions to collect inquiries from potential students. It is the main point of contact for incoming students.

SoftDocs / Content

SoftDocs Content is Shenandoah’s document imaging / processing system.  Depending on the department, this software is used in various ways.

Self Service

Self Service is the SU Mac App Store. This program is on all SU issued MacBooks and provides employees access to SU approved applications, printers and other services. Contact:

Safe Colleges

Safe Colleges hosts the mandatory HR training modules on HIPPA, FERPA, Sexual Harassment and other topics. Contact:


VTC is short for Video Teleconferencing. VTC is used by many programs to connect classrooms across our various locations (HPB-Loudoun-ICPH-MC). Used mostly by the Health Professions schools. Contact:


Weave is a reporting tool used by Institutional Research to collect institutional data.  Contact:


Zoom is a video conferencing tool used by many faculty to conduct virtual classes.  It is also used by many employees to have video conference meetings. 


TutorTrac is a software system used by students to match up with a tutor.


WEPA (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) is the system that is provided to students for printing. WEPA kiosks are located around campus and allow students to print papers from anywhere on campus, and pick them up at the kiosk.


We Are Here to Help!

Thank you for taking the time to go through this brief IT getting-started guide.  Please don’t hesitate to contact IT or any of the departments listed above if you have any questions whatsoever.  We are a supportive group here at SU and want you to succeed in your new position! 

Welcome to the SU Family!



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