Logging in to your SU Email for the First Time


Set up your SU email.


SU email uses Google/Gmail and is part of our Single Sign On (SSO) system. Using SSO, you sign in once with your SUNet username and password to have access to many of our sites and resources such as email, Canvas, and Zoom to name a few.

To access your SU email account:

  1. Go to sumail.su.edu

  2. If prompted, sign in using your full SU email address (username@su.edu) and SUNet password. Note: Since SU email is part of SSO, if you’ve already signed in to other services that use SSO, you will not be prompted to log in to access email.

If you have problems signing in to your SU Google account, please contact the IT Help Desk at 540-665-5555.



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