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SU Guest is a dedicated WiFi network for all guests and visitors to SU.
Before you can access many SU sites and resources, you will need to activate your SUNet account.
Set up your SU email.
Information about Virginia Code § 23.1-405(C) and email visibility
Connect your Android phone or tablet to the 1SU WiFi network
Connect your Apple devices to the 1SU wireless network.
WEPA provides all students with the ability to upload/send their documents from any location (i.e. personal computers, dorm rooms, labs, libraries) and conveniently print those documents at any WEPA Printing Kiosk on campus.
macOS Monterey is now approved for use at SU. We've put together this guide to make it as easy as possible and encourage you to take a look before you upgrade.
There are ever-increasing threats from state-sponsored cyber operators who are trying to access your systems and information to use them for their nefarious purposes. Here are four simple steps that can help keep you safe.
There are several WiFi networks around campus, which one should you use?
The full version of Office 365 is available for Mac and Windows. To download the installer, follow these steps.
Zoom Tips & Best Practices
Google Takeout is a data retrieval platform that allows users to export data from a number of Google products. Simply put, Google Takeout takes all your existing Google data and compiles it into one file, which can be later downloaded or transferred to a personal Google account. This includes your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and more!
macOS Monterey is now approved.
Connect to your preferred available network printer