SUnet Password

Your SUnet password grants you access to the bulk of the most commonly used University online resources and systems.

To register your SUnet password for reset via phone/email:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your SU email and your SUnet password (the same password that is used for Hornet Hub, Canvas, etc)

  3. The first time you log in you’ll be prompted to setup password recovery via phone and/or email


Phone Recovery

  1. Click the "set it up now" link next to "authentication phone is not configured"

  2. Select your country or region and enter your phone number

  3. Select either "call me" or "text me" to receive your authentication code

  4. Enter your verification code and click verify


Email Recovery

  1. Click "set it up now" next to "authentication email is not configured"

  2. Enter your email and click "email me"

  3. Enter the verification code sent to the entered email and click "verify"

  4. Verify authentication success, and click finish


To reset your SUnet Password:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your SU email address and click NEXT

  3. Click “forgot my password”

  4. You can reset your password using your phone and/or email depending on if you set up one or both as recovery options. Choose to receive your verification code via text, call, or email

  5. Click email to send your verification code to the recovery email registered. For text and/or mobile, enter your phone number and click "text" or "call" respectively

  6. Enter the code you received via call, text, or email and click next

  7. Enter and confirm your new password and click finish


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